Shouldn't we all be prepared to lower our living standards?

Lets face it, bioenergy will never be sufficient enough to produce energy required. Bioenthanol is only marginally more ecological than fossile fuels. Saying bio doesn’t make it sustainable. Also mining uranium for nuclear power is not emission free. Manufacturing energy components for solar power electric cars require a lot of valuable metal products like lithium. All the so called innovations aim to preserve our lifestyle as it is today. I see this very problematic in order to solve this dilemma. Why isn’t there any plans made that would help people consume less in their daily lives? This would require change in a way we move around and live in our apartments. Biggest change would consider our economy that is based on selling more and more products that we don’t really need. I see that this cycle has to break down before we can say we have succeeded. I am worried that by putting all our efforts only to innovations instead of cultural change, we will perhaps end up making things worse?