Construction industry and the use of wood

Construction industry is the biggest co2 polluters as a single field. Wood is said to be the construction material of the future, which is easy to understand as it works as a carbon storage during its being a building, and it is renewable. Are there still some restrictions towards using wood as a material of the whole construction industry? Can we build of wood and be sure to be doing the right thing climate-wise?

Is there some point where substituting concrete with wood would be a bad choice from the point of view of the climate? (Effect of taking the carbon sinks away from the woods versus the effect of using the strong pollutant, concrete. The volume of constructing for example in Asia is unimaginable and Iā€™m in doubt of the ability of the forests to be able to work as carbon sinks and to be cut to be construction materials)

All the information out there about construction materials is highly saturated depending on who is speaking and who is funding research. It is hard to trust anything.