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In you can ask anything about climate, climate change and its impacts, behavior of climate system itself or anything related to climate. We will find researchers and experts to answer directly to you! Remember to vote for questions you find interesting and important! We will prioritize most popular topics when seeking for expert answers.

New research will be created from submitted questions! The research is designed in collaboration with users and scientists, and research questions will be approached with real-world research tools (such as climate models). The scientific process as well as research results are then illustrated in

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Below you will find instructions to some functions which require signing up.

The site attempts to guess your language settings (from locale). If the language of the interface (menus etc.) is wrong, you can change the interface language in your profile.

  1. Log in to the site
  2. Click your profile picture (top-right)
  3. Choose settings (see icon in below figure)
  4. Choose “Interface” (this might also be “Käyttöliittymä”)
  5. Choose preferred language from “Interface language” (“Käyttöliittymän kieli”)


You can close the minihelp from the gray button:


You can vote for questions by pressing the “Vote” button. You have 10 votes in total. The more votes a question has, the more likely it will be answered!


When you wish to make a question, check first if your question has already been asked. You can search and browse topics. If you have a new question, choose “New question”. In some cases, questions and their answers are called “topics”. Formulate the title in form of a question, and give background and extra information in the message text. You can also choose a topic for your question: just write a few letters for topic, and you will see suggested topics.

Remember to give your question in the right language category (“English”).

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Climate and climate change will raise a lot of questions: we hope to find answers to at least the most burning ones! We welcome all questions!

Risto & KysyIlmastosta-team