Climate change responsibilities for the countries of the world

It is well known that the countries that are called “developed” in recent years, some were and others are still the highest producers of green house gases and the main responsible for our current situation in the climate stage due to their past and/or actual activities, how will these countries make themselves accountable for the climate change disasters that happened, are currently happening and will happen in the future?

Concerning the so called “developing countries”, how will we ensure they do not incur in the same mistakes the “developed” countries fell into, concerning the negative impact to the environment, and how do we give them the opportunity to develop to the same level as the leading countries in a way that they will not further affect climate change?

It has been always very difficult for mankind to work together without any prejudices based on religion, race, envy, personal interests, hate, hunger for power, endless ambition, ignorance, or any other that avoids the total respect to peers, is it really necessary for chaotic events like climate change to happen, for us to try and fix the world?